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Advanced Natural Immune Enhancer

DEFENDER® compose of herbal extract oils act as a non-specific immunostimulant

and that it selectively activates the cell-mediated immune (CMI) mechanisms to elicit an enhanced response to subsequent mitogenic

or antigenic challenge.

DEFENDER® contains a combination of chemical and phytochemical extracts that appear to act on an early step of viral replication

and/ or prevent attachment of virus to cell receptors.

Category : Immune Enhancer / Poultry Products

Packages : Packed in 500 ml Bottle

Each 1 liter contains:

green tea extract30,000mg
Astragalus polysaccharide extract30,000mg
Star Anise Oil50,000mg
Black seed Oil50,000mg
Oregano extract50,000mg
Licorice extract30,000mg
Capsicum oil20,000mg
Cinnamon oil30,000mg
Vitamin E25,000mg
Excipientsup to 1Liter

DEFENDER®  contains a combination Mixed extract of medicinal plants is better

for immunomodulatory response against ND, IB, and IBD

and to reduce coccidial oocysts burden, without affecting growth of the broilers.

– Black Seed bears an excellent potential as alternative to antibiotics and vaccines to improve immunity.

– Capsicum is more effective than vitamin E in inhibiting lipid peroxidation.

elevates the leucocytes cells as a potential immunity booster that improved

the ability to defend and fight against foreign bodies or pathogens.

– Eucalyptol probably has inhibitory effect on H5 viruses due to strong interactions ability

with the viral HA protein. Moreover, application of lyophilized green tea by-product extracts

namely catechins in feed or drinking water reduced H9N2 virus replication and excretion

in addition, green tea extract was comparable to amantadine in protection

of chicken embryos against H7N3 subtype.

1- Control and protection against viral, bacterial or fungal infections.

2- During incidence of diseases to improve health, immunity and bird performance.

3- Before, during or after vaccination to stimulate immunity

and get the maximum results from vaccines.

4- After antibiotics use to strengthen immunity and intestinal function.

5- In all unsuitable cases as stress, fatigue, transportation and injection.

6- Start of production in layers and breeders.

0.5 – 1 ml/ liter of drinking water