About us

Company Summary

PLEXO PHARM co. for pharmaceutical manufacturing and feed additives is a leading Egyptian manufacturer of an innovative profile of feed additives liquids and powders either water soluble or feed additives.

In 2009 PLEXO PHARM co. was established in Alexandria, Egypt as a veterinary drugs and feed additives distributor through all Egyptian governorateswith a successive brilliant leading profile.

With continuous expansion and increasing customers no. and potentiality, It was an essential for PLEXO PHARM CO. to start our owned manufacturing to cover the required quality and standards of our valued customers.

PLEXO PHARM co. started own production in 2015 with innovative ideas in manufacturing through production of new formulas to cover market essential requirements.

From the beginning of our activity in this area, more than 10 years ago, PLEXO PHARM co. payed much importance to placing the specialist of animal, poultry and fish health, at the center of our interests.
Close cooperation with universities and veterinary practitioners as well as the concern to ensure a high quality of our products resulted in PLEXO PHARM co. being a unique enterprise whose main objective is “to be in touch with those who care”.

In 2018 PLEXO PHARM CO. Succeeded to pass the standards of Egyptian GMP, as well ISO certificates no.9001/2008, 14001/2004, 22000/2005, 18001/2007.

Our Vission

In 2022, PLEXO PHARM CO. will be the leading veterinary pharmaceuticals company in Egypt and MENA region,

not only in sales but also in innovation, value creation and process excellence

with registrable products in Egypt and MENA region countries and with a high sense of field & social responsibility.

Future Plan

PLEXO PHARM CO. focuses on the expansion of its product range registered in Egypt and MENA region.

With innovative ideas and leading formulas.

The scientific training of ourmanufacturing, marketing and sales team is the guarantee

that we meet the expectations of our customers with regard to service and information.

Our Mission

PLEXO PHARM CO. planning to offer unique veterinary pharmaceuticals and nutritional feed additive products, developed in a creative and innovative way, under high quality standards that allows us international projection and local consolidation through formal establishment of strategic alliances

PLEXO PHARM CO.planning to become a complete veterinary solution provider offering affordable, innovative &research-based solutions for veterinary pharmaceuticals and feed additives in all branches related to veterinary fields.

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